Hertz leiebetingelser

Velg et emne fra nedtrekkslisten.

Hertz vehicles may be driven to Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia, but may only be dropped off in the following cities: Prague, Budapest, Poznan, Szczecin, Warsaw, Bratislava, Ljubljana. 




The following vehicles cannot be driven into or dropped off in Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia:


All Mercedes and BMW models

Convertibles, Premium SUVs, trucks and cargo vans


The following vehicles cannot be driven into or dropped off in Italy:


All Mercedes and BMW models

Convertibles, Premium SUVs


The following vehicles cannot be driven outside Germany:


(B5) Porsche 718 Boxster

(D5) BMW Z4 sDrive 30i M

(E5) Mercedes-Benz AMG GT C Roadster

(F5) BMW M850i x Drive

(H5) Porsche Panamera Hybrid

(P5) Porsche Cayenne Coupe

(R5) Mercedes-Benz AMG GT S Coupe

(S5) Jeep Grand Cherokee

(U5) Audi Q8 Quattro

(V5) Audi R8 Spyder V10 Quattro

(W5) Mercedes-Benz AMG A 35 4MATIC


Should you bring the vehicle outside Germany, a Cross Border fee of € 41.65 (including tax) will apply.


Hertz vehicles cannot be driven into and/or dropped off in any African, American, Asian, or Middle Eastern country, nor in Albania, Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Greece, Kazakhstan, Kosovo, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, New Zealand, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Tajikistan, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, United Kingdom and Uzbekistan.


You cannot drive, park or deliver a vehicle hired in Germany in the UK. If we have reason to believe that you have brought our vehicle into the UK without being entitled to do so, this will be a breach of our Rental Terms and Conditions and all insurances (Third Party, CDW, TP, Super Cover, PI), if taken out, will be invalidated. The driver would be fully responsible for any damage to or loss of the vehicle and would have to pay all consequences themselves, including the cost of repatriating the damaged vehicle. You will be charged £1,980/€2,317 as liquidated damages to cover the costs incurred in repatriating the vehicle. With respect to the above liquidated damages amount, you are at liberty to prove that no damage has been incurred or that the damage is substantially less than the liquidated damages amount.


*Please refer to "Ferry Restrictions" in Rental Qualifications & Requirements if you intend to take the vehicle onto a boat or ferry.


Please also refer to "One-Way Rentals", "Environmental Zones" and "Other Return Location Fee".

Should these restrictions be ignored, all insurance (Third Party Liability, CDW, TP, Super Cover, PI), if accepted, shall be deemed null and void. The driver will be held fully responsible in case of damage to or loss of the vehicle and will bear all consequences, including the cost of repatriation of the damaged vehicle.

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